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With millions square feet of warehouse space and state-of-the-art facilities on the East and West Coasts, Waitex is a leader in warehouse distribution. But more than size alone, it is our knowledge and experience that sets us apart.

We operate state-of-the-art facilities, each designed to handle a diverse range of goods all linked to our proprietary Information Systems for inventory management. Waitex offers flexible space allocations that make it easy for clients to “right-size” according to seasonal – and even daily – needs. We train and maintain a highly skilled workforce of near 1000 dedicated service specialists in the U.S. 300 of whom have been dedicated members of Waitex for ten years or more.

The result: Waitex distribution guarantees flexibility to meet all your seasonal, volume and service requirements, on-time delivery and servicing, customized Information Technology integration including EDI specialization, and high quality service specialization. And at decidedly lower cost – without the operational headaches.

Waitex also maintains strategic worldwide partnerships which give us a presence in international market centers.

  • Specializing in apparel, accessories, shoes, toys, giftware, jewelry, computer, and any kind of consumer product 

  • Short or long term storage by pallets, cartons, units, by cubic feet or space used by square feet 

  • EDI, ASN, UCC 128 and Scan and Pack capabilities 

  • Fully computerized order data processing, pick tickets, invoices, inventory reports, sales reports, order allocations, profit and loss statements, etc. 

  • Quality control and inspection 

  • Label changing, ticketing, bar coding 

  • Expert Hoffman garment pressing and Veit steam tunnel refurbishing 

  • Garment alterations, spot cleaning 

  • Retailer and consumer returns rebagged, refurbished, repaired and returned to stock for resale

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Warehouse Distribution

Including millions square feet of state-of-the-art distribution facilities.

Information Technology System

Including EDI, data processing, supply chain management and e-commerce capabilities.

Internet and Mail Order Fulfilment

Extending from site design all the way to shipping and customer service.

Global Logistics and Transportation

Including local deliveries, nationwide shipping and global freight and forwarding, with full customs clearance and logistics management.

Additional Client Services

Tailored to meet specific client needs, including the potential for product purchasing and financing, temporary showroom space for overseas – based importers – and excess inventory management.

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