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In the supply chain, the weakest link from end to end can be the one getting your goods from point to point. At Waitex, we’ve designed our transportation services to ensure on-time deliveries by the most direct route, and at the lowest possible cost. 

Globally, nationally and locally, we’ve developed a flexible network of carriers – with a mix of long-term contracts, short-term bookings, common carriers and company-owned trucking – to ensure the right choice for each assignment.

Our heavy volume of shipping lets us negotiate package deals and sharply discounted rates, which we pass on to our clients. And Waitex’s “one call resolution” policy means you never need to wonder where your goods have gone.

Expanding its global reach even further, Waitex has developed joint ventures and strategic partnerships in other countries that extend our clients’ international reach.

  • Air/sea worldwide cargo forwarding

  • Carrier assignment and discounted rates

  • Customs clearing and bonded warehousing 

  • Local deliveries and nationwide trucking

  • Strategic partnerships to provide the most dependable service at the lowest cost

  • Full container and loose freight/GOH or flat pack

  • Overseas and domestic consolidation

  • Online freight tracking

Modern Container Terminal


Warehouse Distribution

Including millions square feet of state-of-the-art distribution facilities.

Information Technology System

Including EDI, data processing, supply chain management and e-commerce capabilities.

Internet and Mail Order Fulfilment

Extending from site design all the way to shipping and customer service.

Global Logistics and Transportation

Including local deliveries, nationwide shipping and global freight and forwarding, with full customs clearance and logistics management.

Additional Client Services

Tailored to meet specific client needs, including the potential for product purchasing and financing, temporary showroom space for overseas – based importers – and excess inventory management.

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