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With its firm foothold in the Chinese market, Waitex’s affiliate family companies are in the perfect position to manage, develop, and operate brands and their retail operations throughout China. Since 2004, we have been consulting, managing and operating international brands and fully own brands in Chinese retail business development. With a variety of fully owned and operated stores, we have direct hands on experience in this fast growing market. Responsible for all facets of brand development, management, merchandising and operations, the China Retail division is an end to end retail operation for Asia and a strategic brand partner for brands.
Both as a brand manager and as a retail operator we are proud to work with such unique brands as Missoni, Euro Couture, D&D and Luxe. Always open to new partnerships in this fast moving business. With our extensive experience and proven operating track record in both the US and China, there is no better partner to enter the Chinese market.


Waitex family affiliate company is a licensed Ralph Lauren Home retailer in Northern China. The first store was opened in late 2015 with over 700 sqm of retail space, 5 individual display rooms and over 1,000 SKUs for sale.


Missoni is one of the world’s leading brands for designer men’s and women’s apparel and accessories in today’s fashion industry.

We are the exclusive distributor in China for Missoni – fine, Italian-made clothing and accessories. We are also in the process of opening Missoni boutiques in many of the major cities in China.


Waitex’s affiliate company has created and developed LUXE to be China’s premier outlet store specializing in high-end European apparel and accessories. Developed through years of experience, Waitex’s affiliate company wholesales and retails goods from many first line luxury European at affordable prices.

Discerning shoppers can afford the luxury of prestigious brands and great savings through the LUXE stores.

LUXE continues to be a fast growing name in the retail outlet market. There are currently locations in major cities throughout China along with many more outlets in development.


Euro Couture and D&D is breaking new ground in the discount multi brand store concept in Asia. With the explosion in demand of luxury brands in China, Euro Couture is one step ahead in its exclusive relationships with the best brands all over the world. With its team of international buyers, EC purchases the latest in limited edition apparel and designer accessories buying them at a discount and passing on those savings straight to the customers.



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